• V. Vanin National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • M. Kruhol National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Keywords: optimal control, centrifugal mechanisms, variable frequency drive, thermal power plant auxiliaries


The work is devoted to the study of thermal power plants auxiliary energy efficiency. The main mechanisms in the auxiliary systems are centrifugal mechanisms that work in complex hydraulic networks with variable productivity. The main ways to adjust the parameters of the centrifugal mechanisms are to change the speed of rotor rotation, change the guide vane angle and throttle. The operation mode of a complex hydraulic network which includes a group of centrifugal mechanisms with a mixed connection scheme is analyzed. The system of equations which characterize the hydraulic system has been obtained on the basis of Kirchhoff's laws. The centrifugal mechanisms' operating characteristics are given by approximation dependences obtained with the method of least squares and similarity laws. To analyze efficiency of different methods of centrifugal mechanisms parameters regulation, optimal control problems were set and solved. The constraints for the problems are a system of equations that describe the hydraulic system operation and technical constraints that depend on the control method. Through solving the problems, values of the optimal parameters and weighted average efficiency of the group mechanisms were obtained. Studies have shown that the most effective way to regulate the centrifugal mechanisms parameters is to use an individual frequency drive, the least effective is to use only changing angle of centrifugal mechanism's guide vane. Utilization of group control is highly efficient and not inferior to individual frequency drive. However, this statement is correct under condition of the operating characteristics agreement with the centrifugal mechanisms’ operating modes similarity.


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